Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Prop replica: communicator from Power Rangers

If you were ever into power rangers as a kid, you probably wanted a communicator.
you got the toy version, but hated that it wasnt as good as the tv version. am I right?

well so did I, so I spent about 75 bucks total to make my own.
actually "assemble" is probably a beter term. its just the the parts are pretty rare and expensive in most cases. lukily I found someone to provide me with two of the most vital parts for this replica.

This prop is not yet complete, as I still have to find something to fill the gaps to make it more screen accurate. the middle piece came from a metal limited edition power ranger watch. the green center mesh was givin to me by a someone I know online. the same person sold me the bands, as well as made me the yellow button out of resin and painted it.

the first pic shows off a bunch of angles. this second one shows a close up of the face. you will also notice the green mesh is more "3d" IE, more elevated now. it pops out toward the grill piece more.


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Anonymous said...

i used to watch pr when i was younger and really enjoyed as well!