Saturday, January 03, 2009

Animorphs fan film

what seems like forever ago me and a handful of people were planing to do an Animorphs Fan film completely in CG. long story short, all that fell through. ( scrol down to an older post for the long version if you like)

While nothing really came out of that project, I did have a number of assets still. while searching on youtube I stumbled on this guy, Adam Hawker, who was working on an Animorphs fan film in live action, so I offered to help out with some of the ships, and that led to pretty much all the 3d stuff he would need, including creatures. Since I already had an andalite model I animated some shots of dialogue between Visser 3 and Alfangor. In October 07 he posted a rough cut of the first 10 mins on youtube. check it out if you want. (keep in mind a lot of those shots have since been redone)

Months back my hard drive died, I'm back at square one. So after much procrastination I restarted modeling my andalite. this looks to be turning out much better than my original one, who died with my hard drive. its taking me a while to do though.

Ive been trying to research centaurs to get a better on idea of the anatomy. one good thing Ive seen was a behind the scenes footage of Narnia, which I think was the most convincing centaurs to date. I'll look to horse galloping footage to animation reference once I get this done and rigged.

I hope to add more defined muscles and maybe some ribs, however I need it to stay clean for animation. so I might end up faking some of it with textures.

Will try to keep this place updated, so check back soon. or in 6 months, your call. ;)


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